Revenue impact of summer Ramadan

June 26, 2014
Research reveals impact of summer Ramadan on hotel revenue Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 25 June 2014

New analysis into spending patterns reveals that hotels can boost in-house guest spending by 24 per cent during a summer Ramadan by personalising communications to in-house guests.

The data, released today by hotel revenue experts SweetBeam, reveals that guest spending across Dubai’s luxury hotels drops by an average of 15 percent when Ramadan falls within the summer months. When paired with the dip in occupancy typical of the period, total revenue from over-night guests can decline by as much as 35 per cent.

However by reaching guests with SweetBeam’s personalised in-room digital marketing hoteliers can reverse the decline and actually increase in-house guest spending by up to 24 per cent per room night.

Troy Simoni, SweetBeam CEO comments:“To avoid losing revenue during a summer Ramadan, hoteliers need to leverage guest intelligence to personalise experiences. For example many fasting parents will be keen to know about kids clubs to entertain young children in the afternoon, whilst European guests need to know which restaurants are open during the day. Utilising the right information to drive timely, personalised communications not only increases guest satisfaction but also dramatically boosts revenue during this time.”

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New Services from SweetBeam to Drive Luxury Hotel Revenue Higher in 2014

January 21, 2014

Marketing firm SweetBeam today announced the expansion of its portfolio of Individual Marketing services for luxury hotels and resorts. The new services boost revenue from in-house guests beyond the +23% benchmark previously established by the company. With its newly expanded portfolio the company now offers luxury hotels and resorts:

  • Planning, intelligence and consultancy to identify the spending patterns and decision-making factors of each individual guest demographic
  • Digital, traditional and face-to-face marketing activation programs to increase guest awareness, consideration and conversion
  • Performance measurement, reporting and optimization of in-house guest revenue across all property outlets


“SweetBeam continues to define Individual Marketing for luxury hotels and resorts with services proven to deliver financial benefits to each client property,” said Troy Simoni, SweetBeam President and CEO, “No one else offers such an effective portfolio of services that engage and stimulate extra revenue from in-house guests.”

“In-house guests can be a highly-profitable source of revenue but until now clients have been approached by technology vendors,” said Daniel Gates, SweetBeam VP of Client Services, “SweetBeam is different, with Individual Marketing services proven to boost top and bottom line month after month.”

All new and existing SweetBeam services are available to clients on a bespoke basis to increase guest engagement, boost capture of in-house guest spending and drive up the average check.

About SweetBeam

SweetBeam is the leader in Individual Marketing in luxury hotels and resorts. Individual Marketing increases in-house guest spending on outlets and discretionary services at the property from the moment after the guest checks in until the moment they check out. Guests exposed to Individual Marketing spend, on average, 23% more than guests exposed to traditional marketing. SweetBeam provides a comprehensive range of Individual Marketing services from planning and intelligence through to program activation and revenue optimization. SweetBeam is headquartered in Dubai, with offices in Europe, and is expanding to the US and Southeast Asia.