SweetBeam Announces Yield Manager™

September 7, 2009

SweetBeam today announced the immediate availability of the Yield Manager™ module. This new service module is set to further advance the revolutionary guest communications service. Premium hotels and resorts can now—for the first time—actively manage Internal Yield™ on goods and services offered by the property. The module is tailored to each hotel’s service outlets, and accessed via secure web portal with unique credentials and capabilities assigned to each individual authorized staff member.

SweetBeam Announces Time Context™

June 22, 2009

For immediate release: SweetBeam today announced the immediate availability of the Time Context™ module, a pivotal component of the SweetBeam service. This new module brings enhanced control and flexibility to SweetBeam’s guest communications service for premium hotels and resorts.

SweetBeam Announces Board Appointees

March 17, 2009

SweetBeam Networks SAS today announces the appointment of additional members to the board of directors and advisors. The appointees include executive-level leaders from the various sectors which represent a cross-section of SweetBeam’s business activities, including technology, travel and leisure, hospitality, digital advertising media, and entertainment.

“We are extremely proud of the first-class team we have put together to lead SweetBeam into the next phases of the company’s development,” commented Troy Simoni, SweetBeam’s CEO. “Each of these individuals has an exceptional record of business accomplishments, and each has earned a respected position in both the business and personal communities in which they work and live. It is a real pleasure to work with such talented, trustworthy, and respected individuals.”

For more information on the individual appointees, please visit www.sweetbeam.com and click on the link marked “About” to view the biographies of the entire Leadership Team.

SweetBeam Announces Instant Update™

February 3, 2009

For immediate release: SweetBeam today announced the immediate availability of Instant Update™ functionality of the SweetBeam service platform. This new technology is set to further advance the capabilities of the SweetBeam Service and technology, enabling stronger contributions to Total RevPAR from guest communications in the premium hotel, resort, and cruise line markets.

SweetBeam Announces Premium Events™

January 12, 2009

For immediate release: SweetBeam today announced the immediate availability of the Premium Events™ service, an optional component of the SweetBeam guest communications service. This new product is will enable enhanced guest communications and services for groups, special events, and conferences held at premium hotels, vacation resorts, and on cruise ships.