SweetBeam Announces Dynamic Content

December 10, 2008

SweetBeam today announced the immediate availability of Dynamic Content™, a new technology component of the SweetBeam platform that enables rich content management capabilities. This new feature enables greater degrees of flexibility for guest communications in the premium hotel, resort, and cruise line markets.

SweetBeam Announces Service Trials

November 4, 2008

For immediate release: SweetBeam today announced the immediate availability of the SweetBeam service for 5-star hotels, resorts, and cruise lines. This new service is set to revolutionize marketing and guest communications in these properties, bringing new capabilities to influence guest spending while also enhancing the guest experience and loyalty.

ProVision Becomes SweetBeam Networks

October 6, 2008

ProVision today announces it has changed it’s name to SweetBeam Networks SAS. This change is to reflect the adjusted focus on the business model and to better articulate the tone and values provided by the company to its customers.

“After refining our business plan and preparing our first product for launch, we felt we needed a new name to better represent the company and our services,” commented Troy Simoni, SweetBeam’s managing director. “Our services are designed to bring delightful art and useful information to hotel guests, while also stimulating the use of hotel services and generating revenue for our hotel customers. The new name evokes pleasure and delight—a sweet beam, like the radiant smile on a child’s face when opening a gift. The name is also a play on words, with ‘Sweet’ representing a hotel ‘suite’ and ‘Beam’ meaning ‘to transmit precisely to a specific destination.’”

The new name will go into effect immediately, with corporate documents, marketing literature, and the company’s internet presence to be updated within the coming four to six weeks.

ProVision files for patent protection on key intellectual property

August 12, 2008

ProVision today announces that team members have filed a series of preliminary patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for utility patent protection on intellectual property for technology related to the multiplexed management, editing, and transmission of digital image files.

Troy Simoni, the company’s managing director, commented, “We have identified some key new technological advances in the area of digital image file management, and we want to ensure that our inventions are protected. We believe these inventions will give us a technological edge in the market place.”

The patent filings were made with the assistance of the Patents Division of a leading US and international law firm.

ProVision invents automated photo management system for vacation resort guests

April 7, 2008

ProVision today announces the invention of an automated digital photo management system. The system is designed to help vacation resorts to capture guest photos and videos, and provide resort branding through custom optional digital overlays, as a service to guests who wish to share their photos with friends and family members back home virtually in “real time” while still at the resort. A working beta prototype of the invention is being shown to key partners under agreement of confidentiality.

ProVision founded

February 1, 2008

ProVision was founded today by a small team of international executives with experience in digital image management, strategic marketing, advertising, internet communications, networking, wireless data systems, and computing technology. The company’s mission is to improve the digital photo and video file management experience for average consumers, emphasizing their point of greatest need: when on vacation.