• "SweetBeam provides a great
    service and delivers extra
    revenue month after month."

    - Monika Moser, Director of Rooms,

    Hôtel Fouquet's Barrière

  • "SweetBeam is there literally every
    day to ensure that every one of our
    guests is proactively informed of all we have to offer"

    - Manuel Chevallier, Marketing Director,

    Monte-Carlo SBM

  • "SweetBeam helps us ensure our
    guests enjoy more of the island
    and spend more along the way."

  • "Our average check from in-house guests is way up"

  • "The market is hyper-competitive
    and SweetBeam is an ideal partner"

  • "Every day we see
    more guests at the spa"

  • "More guests are choosing our
    gourmet dining outlets"