Guest Awareness

December 17, 2013
  • Guest Awareness
  • Ensure guests have the opportunity to spend more by helping them navigate the hotel. Understand how guest traffic patterns from reception to room influence spending, and use different tools and techniques to enhance navigation and discovery of the property.

Increase Profitability of Groups

  • Increase Profitability of Groups
  • With much revenue pre-sold, groups can be a daunting segment for increased revenue. But by studying spending patterns and mapping group agendas to hotel offerings, groups can contribute significant amounts of profitable extra revenue to the hotel.

Guest Mood Matching

  • Guest Mood Matching
  • Is the guest here to celebrate or to relax? Is he in a mood for calm or is he looking for adventure? Ensure that hotel staff are asking rather than telling … listening for cues from the guest that can help suggest the hotel outlet or service most likely to win their heart and meet their need.

Capturing Guest Time

  • Capturing Guest Time
  • Pull though significant new revenue by increasing the amount of time guests choose to spend on property rather than going outside. Analyze available assets and current means of guest engagement to create compelling reasons for guests to want to stay on property and spend more.

Increasing Conversion

  • Increasing Conversion
  • Grow revenue by stimulating interest in the hotel’s offering and making it easy for guests to choose it and use it. Drive bookings to the right staff at the right time, and ensure that all staff are able to convert a guest’s expression of interest into a purchase.

Asset Utilization

  • Asset Utilization
  • Grow profitability by ensuring asset utilization is optimized. Tap into the enormous resource of in-house guests to smooth out F&B bookings at key mealtimes. Ensure a steady stream of spa treatments at off-peak times. Drive uptake of transportation, activities and other services.

F&B Upselling

  • F&B Upselling
  • Drive up the average check in any outlet. Marry guest insight with on-property activation to ensure guests are aware of higher-value options and special events. Match premium wines, spirits and specialties with individual guest preferences to ensure a higher average spend and a more satisfied guest.

Guest Segmentation and Value Analysis

  • Guest Segmentation and Value Analysis
  • Gain a structuring view of revenue from in-house guests by nationality, family status, reason for visit, distribution channel and other key criteria. Understand total value per guest, and the preferences and purchasing patterns of key segments.


  • Overview
  • From the moment after the guest checks in to the moment she checks out, SweetBeam helps identify preferences and influence purchases. By partnering with SweetBeam, luxury hotels and resorts benefit from tailored programs and services to maximize profitability and guest satisfaction.